Spraycraft SP66 Retro Airbrush & Kompressor Kit

Spraycraft SP66 Retro Airbrush & Kompressor Kit

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Model/Varenr.: SPRAY-SP66EU
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High performance airbrush system
 Adjustable pressure
 For standard and metallic colours
 Single or Dual Action

praycraft SP66 Retro Airbrush & Compressor Kit

The SP35 is a beautifully made dual action gravity feed airbrush designed for applications where only a limited amount of medea is required.


 Gravity feed  dual action airbrush
 Nozzle size 0.35mm
 Gravity feed 7cc fluid cup & lid


 Gravity feed 7cc fluid cup with lid
 Fluid control knob for easy adjustment
 Exceptional atomisation & accurate spray control
 Sprays light to heavy viscosity media

Suitable for:

 Nail Art
 Body Art
 Hobby and Craft
 Cake decorating
 Model Painting
 Art and Graphics
 Custom Automotive

Double Action

A method of activating an airbrush whereby depressing the trigger delivers air and drawing back on the trigger releases paint.

Gravity Feed

Gravity airbrushes have a cup in the top of the body. Less air pressure is required as the paint is drawn to the tip by both gravity & air pressure.