The Giant Crossbow - Leonardo da Vinci

The Giant Crossbow - Leonardo da Vinci

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Model/Varenr.: Rev-00501
This crossbow, a veritable technological dream,"" was to be used, in Leonardo's intentions, for casting great balls of stone, creating panic and fright among the enemy. The drawing of this machine, as grandiose as unrealizable, is characterized by a particular refinement. The proportions were colossal and Leonardo represented their impact by drawing a soldier operating the weapon, intent on utilizing the trigger system: the arms had a total open span of 42 braccia, about 24 m, mounted on a stock 23 m long and 1.2 m thick. The machine moved on six wheels. Crossbows were still in use during the time of Leonardo, and they could shoot arrows with greater precision than the early firearms, as well having an elevated capacity for penetration.

Model details:
Diameter: 275 mm
Height: 210 mm
Parts: 39