Paint Stand - 26mm

Paint Stand - 26mm

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Model/Varenr.: HZ-s1s
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Paint Stand - 26mm


Thanks to stable holders splashing paint is practically impossible. The set includes perfect fitting parts to make a stand, and installation takes only a few moments.


Main feature:

- 54 holes for bottles with a diameter of 26mm.  


Dimensions: 42.5 cm x 18 cm x 9.5 cm  




Paint Stand fit to following paints and many others with similar diameter


Vallejo - 17 ml
AK Interactive - 17 ml
AMMO - 17 ml
Scale 75 - 17 ml
Andrea - 17 ml
Army Painter - 18 ml


We can also re-arange for you the shelves types for example: two shelves of 26mm holes, two shelves of 36mm holes etc). Having placed and order please indicated the desired shelves arrangement in your comment section.




Please note that re-arange is possible only for shelves with 26mm and 36mm holes.


It cannot be done for shelves with 41 mm holes and corner paint stands!




Paint Stand does not include accessories, pictures just shows a sample of equipment.