1:10 El bil - 4WD - Lazer ZX-5 RTR (Rød/Sølv)

1.075,00 DKK 2.150,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: KYO-30861-T1

n Kyosho Lazer ZX5 RS

Readyset brings world-beating racing technology to your fingertips!
Get your hands on a dominant racing machine, at an affordable price!

Each Lazer ZX-5 Readyset includes the latest racing technology and performance of the race-bred Lazer ZX-5 in its purest form, The pre-assembled chassis is loaded with a high-power motor and fitted out with R/C system, Even the body color scheme is complete, But no compromise has been made on the machine¡Çs top-class racing ability, Just add charged batteries and the machine with performance that dazzles expert racers is ready for action, Kyosho¡Çs design and construction is entirely focused on race victory, so this package makes the perfect partner for your first shot at EP off-road racing glory, The huge range of optional parts available also allows you to explore the outer limits of R/C speed, This Readyset takes the racing experience beyond your wildest imagination,

TOPFART 60 km/t