Helikopter - Caliber 4 KIT

1.275,00 DKK 2.550,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: 21240C
GP Helikopter

The proven reputation of the Caliber 3 earned with beginners and intermediate fliers has been enhanced with even greater agility, Designed to handle the additional power and torque of 32-40 class engines, the Caliber 4 features a range of upgraded components such as high-geared transmission, lightweight 7g stabilizer blades, modified clutch drum, HG swash plate, ultra-quiet transmission and a high-flow cooling fan for efficient use of the extra power, In addition, to meet the requests of more advanced fliers, the Caliber 4 is specially designed with EMS (swash mode) as standard, The result is the compact size of a 30-class base, but with the performance and agility of a 50-class helicopter, For dynamic and easy to enjoy flight, there is no equal!