5-Speed (5,5 / 14cm)

5-Speed (5,5 / 14cm)""

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Det ENESTE værktøj der kan folde alt!
Model/Varenr.: HF2
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NO Other tool has these features ,,,a unique tool and with its design protected,
the 5-SPEED HOLD&FOLD is the tool for 100% of any Etch-Brass work on your scale modeling bench,
TWIN CLAMP Flatter and higher pressure clamping 1, Most effective clamping method
2, Pass-Thru for long parts
3, Easy to hold in the hand and on the bench
Longer Fingers Deeper working area All scales
You can do deeper boxes
Micro-Edges Finer and more accurate folds Higher quality finish
Multi Fold parts fit better
Power Wedges Strength and durability Enables thicker brass to be used
Used for score-less folds
Pre-Etch Bending Beams Tie-Down Beam

Clamp/Guard Beam

Angle Beam Instantly form small Tie Downs in Flat-Brass or Wire shape
Bend Aber German Clamps & Sherman Headlamp Guards or other curved parts with regularity and accuracy
Bend sharp corners each time on Pre Etched parts
Pyramid Finger design Strength and stress relief Allows thinner but stronger finger designs to enable 'fold-over' of U-shaped channel shapes