Nosram Speed Controller - Magnum Reverse

Nosram Speed Controller - Magnum Reverse

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Ingen setup, ingen switche - sæt i og kør
Model/Varenr.: TT-02693250

100% Automatic function =
NO setup, NO switch,
Instant driving fun with
NO problems anymore!

With the NOSRAM Automatic technology, a push button setup is completely unnecessary: Just plug in the speedo and drive! The speed control immediately " learns" the individual transmitter setting and is perfectly set-up for every run with the correct neutral-, full speed forward- and full speed reverse transmitter settings,
Whatever your car's configuration is, the Nosram Magnum Reverse adapts to it and determines your perfect setup,

Built in Fail-Safe feature as digital protection
against radio frequency interference
The total safety!

Another technological highlight is the factory built in Fail Safe System, " The guardian angel" of your RC car, The Fail Safe System continuously monitors the radio signals being sent to your RC car, If incomplete or " false" signals are received as a result of low batteries or radio frequency interference, your Nosram Magnum Reverse speed control reacts instantly and shuts off your model to protect it against damage due to interference,


  • Digital high frequency for longer runtime and smooth car control
  • Bullet proof due to microchip operated protection system
  • Over 10 turns
  • 140 amps
  • forward/ reverse